Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Chakra Tarot Spread

The Chakra Tarot Spread

Here is a beautiful well thought out Tarot Spread based on the Chakra's, designed by  a dear friend and fellow Tarot Mentor, Tessa Sutton.
chakra spread.jpg
Find your silent place, and using your crystals according to the colors represented, arrange your sacred space.

Starting from the base and working up, we have:

1. Root Chakra.
Reveals what you need to release from the past.

2. Sacral Chakra.
Reveals your hidden desires and dreams.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Death by Lorraine Candy


I must let go what serves me not
Release my fears to chance
Embrace the change of me within
To grow, I must advance.

Trust, I will with fiery heart
In what I may not see

The Royal Elements - How the elements reveal the personalities of the Court Cards

The Royal Elements

Royal Elements very often become quite a quandary in a Tarot reading. Understanding the Court Cards relationships and their elements may assist you in understanding each Court Card's personality. By understanding the relationship held within the Court Card itself truly makes a huge difference, especially when identifying the relationships between the Court Card and neighboring cards in a spread. 

Court Cards and Elements

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Hermit by Lorraine Candy

The Hermit

I ascend the hill with staff on foot
the path behind me worn,
My lantern guides the way ahead
to where I’ll be reborn.

And alone I must, for my soul to heal
on a quest to seek the truth,
For under the ice a change has begun

Monday, September 7, 2015

A brief, yet somewhat deeper glimpse into the 10 Card Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

The full 10-Card Celtic Cross Spread is probably one of the most difficult Tarot Spreads to interpret, yet when completely understood, this incredible spread offers more enlightenment than any other. Sure, the Celtic Cross is normally printed in each Tarot Deck booklet, and each interpretation is similar to the next.  To the aspiring Tarot Reader this would seem a rather simple spread to take on with booklet in hand and just read each card in relation to it's position. However, delving into the relationships between the cards is where the mastery comes in.

About Cold Readings

Die Wahrsagerin
Michail Alexandrowitsch Wrubel (1895)
Very often a querent will contact me wanting a reading, but not really know what it is he/she actually wants to know. They have no direct question, no specific quandary; they just know that they want a reading. As a member of various Tarot forums, I have seen this situation to be many a Tarot Reader's nightmare; however, this should really not be the case.

Personally, I feel a cold reading is better for the querent who cannot isolate the actual issue they are experiencing. Not because I wish to "imply that I know more" (as seen in so many definitions of 'cold readings; such as definition below) no, that would be rather

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Kabbalistic Introduction to Understanding and Three…

Kabbalistic Introduction to Understanding and Three…

As a reader, when a querent draws a “three”, I always ask how the three resonates with their understanding. Most querents, even my Hindu querents, reflect on the Holy Trinity and the spiritual aspects thereof.   

Understanding is found at the top (third) sphere in the Pillar of Mercy on the Kabalistic Tree of Life. This sphere is named Binah. According to the Kaballah there are three pillars one can travel in the Tree of Life, namely the Pillar of Severity, the Pillar of Balance, and the Pillar of Mercy. In order to grasp any means of understanding, one needs to travel up the Pillar of Severity.

The Pillar of Severity is made of three spheres. The
first sphere Hod is ruled by Mercury (planet of communication) and thereby refers to analysis – ensuring that we take the time to really contemplate what is most befitting for our circumstances and organize ourselves

Monday, August 31, 2015

Two simple methods to determine your Birth and Soul Card

Temperance: Tarot de Marseille

Determining your Birth Card and your Soul Card

One of the most exciting readings in Tarot is determining the querent’s Birth and Soul card (Soul card is also often known as the Shadow or Personality card) The Birth card can determine the individual aspects and characteristics of the querent. As you would use your date of birth to ascertain your Astrology sign, so too can you determine your own unique Tarot card. This card can assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, thereby giving an accurate means to determine your true potential, as the Tarot will reveal where you are in your journey.


Here are two simple methods to help you determine your Birth and Soul Cards:

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Death XIII

Tarot de Marseille Deck

XIII Death

I, as a tarot reader, do not forecast death in the physical sense when Death is dealt in a reading. However, whichever way we look at Death, it is a disconcerting card. But is it really? If I take the first word that comes to mind when I see Death, it's most definitely Transformation – how does death transform, one might ask. To find this answer, firstly we look to Mother Nature. Everything in nature transforms, the caterpillar becomes the butterfly, and even dung feeds the earth. There’s nothing that dies in nature that doesn’t become part of something better, something more wholesome than before. Death can also thereby be taken into consideration in a more figurative manner, Death of old habits or death of the way things used to be. Ending a cycle so that a new one can begin. Closing old doors that just don’t open anymore, and finding a wonderful door with a whole new world, this pertaining to relationships, work, illness, or just thought patterns. So in a figurative way, death basically indicates that changes are to be made, so best take cognizance of your situation and bring about improvements, before it all crashes down around you! Change is after all one of the few things in life that is inevitable.


Saturday, August 15, 2015

Wunjo Rune and overcoming setbacks

Wunjo Rune and overcoming setbacks

I had one of my querients mail me at 07:35 today, he was highly disillusioned that he hadn't received the job for which he had applied. He shared his doubts of another job coming up and also his frustrations of being turned down again.

Personally, if I were to share my 'setbacks' and 'disillusions' that I had received in the last 24-hours, I could probably have you in tears! But the goal is not really to share disillusions, the goal is to

Friday, May 8, 2015

What to expect from your reading.

So you want to book a reading, but you've heard so many stories of Charlatans and Frauds, or even worse - heretics and worshiping that "other guy" - hmm, well, let's put the story straight. Here is the process of what I do and what I don't do, and what you can expect when contacting me for your reading.

When you mail me of your interest, I send you an email that gets tweaked here and there according to your gender and where you're residing. Basically, this is the sorting email. Just as you don't want a charlatan, this email helps me eliminate weirdo's too.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Welcome to our new Affiliation! Free Readings and Psychics! Exciting stuff :-D

Hi all, I haven't posted in a while... am I bad!? No, I have really been researching and figuring how to make this blog really work for you.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Ghetto Tarot ~ Photographer Teams Up With Haitian Artists to Transform Tarot Cards Into Real Scenes

I cannot begin to express how moved I am by these cards, the detail, the photography, and the raw talent involved.  Alice Smeets, funded by IndieGoGo, photographed Haitian artists and created the most astounding tarot deck, The Ghetto Tarot. Here is a short snippet of the article, but there is a link if you choose to read the full article. Trust me, you want to read it all!!!

Friday, February 20, 2015

3-Stone Futhark Runic Reading

The wonder of Runic Stones will never cease to amaze one, which probably explains why they're still around since 1st or 2nd Century AD! This 3-Runic Stone reading may look very simple, yet it is filled with meaning, underlying factors, and clarity. This reading can be applied to general quandaries, or a set situation. Their applications are incredible!
As I have no real pertinent question, see how the meanings would relate to you, but generally speaking per say, here are some possibilities:

10 Stone Runic Reading with Celtic Cross Tarot Spread.

This wonderful 10-Stone Runic reading is a combination of two of the oldest disciplines as runes date as far back as 150 AD, and the Celtic Cross is one of the oldest recorded Tarot Spreads! What this means is by using this spread, I can offer you an in-depth reading that assists you in gaining insight into the ten underlying spheres of your circumstances, and how each relates to the other.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

5-Stone Runic Divination Reading. Email, Dropbox or Skype

The 5-stone reading is a wonderful means to understand the circumstances which one finds themselves in. It can be used for general readings, or it has wonderful potential to be applied to a specific scenario in need of clarification. Allow the stones to "whisper" that which need be heard, their accuracy is alarming.  Read more

6 Tarot Runic Combo Reading. Email with jpeg photo, Skype, or Dropbox with emailed photos.

To really get deeper into what is transpiring, this is one of my favorite readings! As the Tarot de Marseille really gives so much essence in it's diagrams, yet is so simple, this reading flows beautifully with the simplicity of runes. This reading is based on story telling, and reading between the flows, cycles, and energies of the Tarot de Marseille. The runes however, give a whole new dimension to each card drawn, and thereby really add a deep, fulfilled enhancement to the poetry of the reading. This is a passionate reading, and one that will really alter your thoughts and emotions.  

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Seven steps of prayer and meditation with the Tarot.

Have you ever felt surrounded by so much cloudiness that you feel drained, and the more you look to solve the issues, the less you can find any means of solution.  It is easy to loose all sense of hope in these situations. 

I would like to share this seven-card step to finding peace of mind, and pray that it restores perspective between you and your circumstances.  Bless this reading.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A brief look at the relationship between Tarot and Astrology.

A brief look at the relationship between Tarot and Astrology.

The earth takes one year to travel around the Sun, therefore when you find yourself celebrating 'Many Happy Returns' at each of your birthdays, you are returning to precisely the same astrological layout as when you were born, as it is literally your Solar return.

Many people are however born when the Sun left one sign and entered anew, which is known as being born on a cusp, or the dividing line of two houses.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Getting started with Tarot, using your own intuition

Getting started with Tarot, using your own intuition

Tarot is a simple way of life.  It assists one to 'categorize' and 'prioritize' our energy.  Albeit there are thousands of Tarot decks on the market and even more books and applications. Personally, I believe the right cards and spreads will come, so just believe in the path you are currently taking, and enjoy the journey.  I have never bought a single deck of cards; each deck has found me at the right place and time, my first deck being Osho Zen, which was the perfect deck for stage at which I found myself in my life.  As I progressed through my life I was presented several decks, including the Rider Waite, which led to my ultimate deck The Tarot de Marseille 1963 Spanish/German deck.

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Star XVII

"God saw that the earth bringing forth grass was good"

The Star XII

The Star XII is found connecting the divine energy found in the sphere of Chockmah to the beauty and peace found within Tiphareth, thereby granting us our inner peace and tranquility.  Along this path we are able to define this energy's relationship with our inner self, thereby establishing our divine wisdom and life-force.  Today God is breathing life into our universe, allowing each of us to "catch our breath". The Star is definitely a card to embrace today with calming serenity, mental stability, and deep understanding.  Within the Star card, one can also appreciate the past and thereby recognize that you have been through the card of The Tower XVI, which may have seemed rather tumultuous, so appreciate these new beginnings, recognize your inner strength, and source of strength and celebrate this wonderful day.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Death with Page of Wands

Death XIII and Page of Wands

Death XIII and Page of Wands

Firstly, today's cards are jumpers, which refer to cards that jump out the deck while shuffling the cards. I find jumpers to be of utter importance as they highlight what I truly need be aware of, needless to say I am not going ahead with the reading I had planned to do earlier this morning, but rather focus on these two jumpers. Already I contemplate on two, and the significance of Two.  Conflict, joint, parts of one, unison, or in the case of these two cards, the connection. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Yes or No Spreads

Yes or No Questions: 

I often get yes or no questions from querients, here are two spreads one could use to assist in these situations.
Shuffle reversed (Rx) cards, i.e. upside down cards, into the deck, and lay out three cards. By looking at the cards first off, read the patterns to see if they are progressing. Take into consideration the amount of reversals, i.e. two uprights or even better, three uprights indicate a strong possibility of a positive outcome.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Yin Yang

This delightful 2 card reading, albeit it simple, truly does illuminate much regarding a situation, as with the Yin Yang symbol it sheds light on the situation as a whole.

The First Position indicates what light is shed on the darkness of the issue, and the Second Position indicates the underlying issues that are often overlooked. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Celtic Cross Spread. 6 Card Spread

I captured these incredible Celtic Crosses at a well hidden
graveyard just outside Sutherland, SA.  
The Celtic Cross, as one can imagine, is one of the oldest 'recorded' spreads.  Personally I absolutely love this spread as one can identify so much in it.  

Position 1 indicates the issue at hand.

Position 2 addresses that which crosses you.

Position 3 indicates the root of the issue

Position 3 indicates the root of the issue

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Vitruvian Man Tarot Spread

Leonardo da Vinci
Vitruvian Man

Vitruvian Man

Leonardo da Vinci (1452 - 1519) is to me one of the most fascinating men that helped shape the world as painter, draftsman, inventor, theorist, and teacher.   This specific reading is based on the Vitruvian Man.

This reading is for those who are striving for true perspective and overall understanding of circumstance.

1.  Feelings and instincts which you are currently experiencing.

2.  How you have conventionally dealt with your circumstance.

V Wands

V  Wands

Creativity, totality, struggle.

Throughout the path taken along this journey, there has been strife, maybe even conflict.  V Wands is indicating a time of resolution, a means to end this animosity.  Nevertheless, in order to continue past this, it is essential to find totality in what it is you are striving for. As five symbolizes protection, as wands represent creativity, it is clear that there is no shortage of opinion or people wanting to assist, the question thus remains how to surpass the experience of animosity.  

V Hierophant

The Heirophant

The Hierophant is seated,  with calm serenity; she offers a papal salute from her right hand (conscious), and a triple cross staff in her left (subconscious).  The hierophant offers the spiritual wisdom that she has collected throughout her journey, to all that may be willing to receive.  Unlike the priestess, The Hierophant passes on all that she applies to her life, all that is beneficial, as an instrument of her Creator.


The joy of receiving wonderful feedback.

Since a ridiculously young age I have been intrigued by the Tarot, the Bible and Theology of a whole. When at first I started to study the Tarot, I was simply enthralled by how it links to the Bible, the Kaballah, astrology and basically every realm conceivable!   Since reading for a profession, I must admit that the Tarot never fails to amaze me.  With much prayer, meditation and focus before each reading the cards reveal precisely what is needed to grant the querent the peace of mind to breath again. No, I am not a fortune teller, but rather just an instrument here to help you find clarity regarding the underlying issues pertaining to your specific circumstances.  

Thursday, November 21, 2013


"Today may there be peace within. May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others. May you use the gifts that you have received and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content with yourself just the way you are. Let this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for each and every one of us."

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Our supernatural messengers.

I have recently been watching Vampire Diaries with my daughter, Julia. I must admit that there is something alluring about the series, other than the fascinating wardrobe. Albeit their mannerisms, beliefs, and symbols are rather intriguing too, I do however feel there is something more profound.
Based on a series of books by the same name, The Vampire Diaries has managed to add new energy to each household that it has 'been invited into', as vampires may only enter a home once invited. The drama television series, which was developed by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec tells a story of supernatural beings, doppelgängers and witches, as it explains the origins of the family of Original Vampires, each and all justifying their own subterfuge in a small fictional town.

However, is this series, the Hobbit, Harry Potter or any supernatural movie far from the truth when it actually comes down to the sacred scriptures? Can media not aid us in becoming more aware of enlightenment?

To be or not to be. Hamlet, Shakespeare, and Leo.

The Shakespearean timeless life quote, 'to be or not to be: that is the question." Hamlet Act III, Sc. I. I find great energy in this magnificent quotation; it reminds me that I am a human being. I live in my now and need only be me.  I am not a human to do-ing, nor a human of the past.   However, being a lover of the old classical books, quotes, phrases and of course movies, I pondered on how far this phrase, or frase as it is often spelt today, 'to be or not to be' has grown to be. . .

Saturday, November 2, 2013

I The Magician

The Magician

Most importantly it is essential to delve into numerology, as One represents unity, the number of our Creator.
The magician is not some person with a funny hat, waving a wand around, shouting 'abracadabra'!  No, the magician is you, you as part of this universe, you as part of this creation, and you with the ability to utilize that, which God has created in order to recreate your own circumstances.  Your unison with your Creator.  

XVIII The Moon

XVIII The Moon

The moon card represents the reflection on past lives pertaining to confusion, cyclic patterns, emergence, emotion, influencing dynamics intense self-reflection, and perplexity.
As the moon has no light of her own, she reflects the light off the sun.  The moon influences the tides and the seasons; thereby she also influences us as humans, being 80% water.  The bible speaks of the New Moon as a marking of the Sabbath in Ezekiel 46, 'and on the day of the New Moon it shall be opened' 

IX The Hermit

The Hermit

IX The Hermit represents a time of aloneness. Albeit the hermit is slow footed, he is most certainly sure footed, as each stride he takes is taken with certainty.  The Hermit understands the concept that every of his actions is followed by subsequent consequences.  He acts with deliberation with everything he does, thinks, and utters.  Having chosen a path of seclusion, the hermit has distanced himself from the strife of the outside world, allowing himself to bond with his Creator, and thereby follow his path to enlightenment.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rainy day meditation.

Rainy day meditation

Have you ever experienced a day when there are blue skies above, and yet it's raining buckets? Clouds refer to the mind and bridge between the Heavens and us. Therefore, a simple exercise is to peer between the clouds, until we are able to see the brilliance of these Heavens and experience the blessings that our Creator is raining down on us.  It is incredible.  By acknowledging the Creator within this natural phenomenon, we are thereby able to see between the cloudiness of our own minds, and acknowledge our blessings in this wonderful Creation.

What am I suppressing?  It is essential to release in order to bless all surroundings.  Water is double sided; too little or too much offer drastically different, and often dismal consequences. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New Moon, yoga, and meditation

New Moon, Yoga, and Meditation

There have been some horror stories, which have brought some amount of dread to the idea of a new moon. But on the contrary, here are some readings as to how this wonderful lunar phase, was given to us, not to worship, but to use in worshiping our Creator.

The New Moon, or as it is also known as 'the dark moon', occurs when the moon is in conjunction with the ecliptical longitude of the sun, hence appearing invisible from Earth, although it still does have a slight crescent. On a solar eclipse however, the moon does appear dark as it passes between the sun and the earth, thereby blocking all light, and is known as a syzygy.

Use of Sacred Scriptures, Yoga and Leonardo da Vinci to meditate with:

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Eleventh Hour

The Eleventh Hour

It seems the more one stresses the more 'constructive' you feel, you push and you push to get to where you believe you're 'meant' to be ~ but, what is the alternative??
Life, to me is a restaurant; there is a gourmet Chef waiting for us to place our order, to deliver our desires, made to perfection, to see your reaction when you receive and massage your taste-buds... so be precise, place your order and believe in receiving what you asked for.

Halloween, Christian or Horror?

Halloween, Christian or Horror?

As we are approaching Halloween, I find many mixed emotions which people have toward this crazy festival.  The endless myths of Halloween are pretty startling, "devils wedding", whereby so many 'christians' once again donate something to their 'devil', or 'Candy Company Christmas'.
Halloween also known as 'All Hallows' Evening, or All Hallows' Eve, derives from the eve of a Christian feast of All Hallows Day, better known as All Saints day.  Being a solemnity, or the highest-ranking feast day of the Roman Rite, which celebrates the mystery of faith, including the Holy Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Ways of finding serenity in this moment.

Hon Sha Zen Sho Nen,
representing Namaste, as used in Reiki. 

Ways of finding serenity in this moment.

I often wake to feeling great and do bit of yoga. Normally thereafter I will have a quick chat with a friend online, and then become apprehensive with feelings of, 'am I wasting time'.  Time in itself is actually so irrelevant, if we consider that the only time is right now, in this moment, as it is this moment that really counts, merely because we are immortal, with Eternal Life.  We face death daily, yet are eternal spirits.

Reflection or Postponement?
In this actual moment of awareness, I am here, I am alive, and created.  In addition, there is only one Creator, albeit He or She, by name of

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

XI Strength


The Strength card depicts a lady with a lion, the lion is subdued, but not by mere physical force, yet rather by love and compassion.  So too are we able to restrain the largest of strife through understanding, patience and tolerance. Courage, Balance, Patience and Understanding. As courage and strength are often confused with physicality and brutality, the strength card represents inner strength, compassion and understanding of circumstances, so by which to overcome hardship and strife. 

Numerology:  As VIII represents infinity, eternity, and success, so this Major Arcana signifies a means of permanent overcoming, and triumph.

XII The Hanged Man

XII The Hanged Man

A New Vision.Yield. Suspend. Surrender. Sacrifice. Non-Action. Submission. 

Albeit that the idea of a ‘hanged-man’ does not at first sprout a delightful image to one, it is important to consider what it is we are looking at.  Firstly this card depicts exactly what need be done, i.e.: hang around before leaping.  It also shows a man in the yoga stance.  By him being suspended and upside down, the hangman represents that though things may seem upside down, you are still capable of finding the inner peace to strengthen you, thereby enabling yourself freedom. 

XIII Death

XIII Death:  

Transformation, rejuvenation, restoration

As repeating old cycles will not aid you to achieve your true destiny, what is required is for these cycles to end in order for one to achieve one's destiny.  Hence, 'Death' represents something passing in order for something new to begin, allowing us to begin a fresh rejuvenating beginning.  As a fire rejuvenates a mountain, so too does 'Death' rejuvenate our being, allowing us as' Human Beings' to 'be human', not treadmills of society.

Death represents the monumental changes, which represents the ending to the treadmill effect, as signified by Jesus Christ seen experiencing His crucifixion and resurrection.  Christ’s death does not represent death, but rather his death represents eternal life; that is to say a fuller life with purpose.

XIV Temperance


The Temperance card, XIV relates to alchemy, balance, connection, chemistry, fluidity, growth, healing,  and integration. As we have journeyed along our path, we have experienced cycles of spiritual growth, and cycles of spiritual drought.  The temperance card brings us to where we are now; representing that which is necessary in order for us to head further along our journey, thereby balancing our spiritual needs. 

As water represents our emotional traits and our spiritual yearnings, it is clear that the temperance card aids us with spiritual nurturing.  The river of crystal clear water signifies the natural source which to turn to, God, as the angel represents the 'messenger of god' delivering water to your soul.


II The high priestess.

The High Priestess

The High Priestess is a woman directly in touch with God, one who carries Truth, Vision, and Knowledge, thereby translating this knowledge into wisdom to all that may seek.  The High Priestess is merely an instrument of God, connected to His flow of energy, which makes her available to all who seek.  The High Priestess represents the ‘unseen forces’ (Roman 8), hence when one draws her card, it is an indication of listening to the Inner Voice, and remembering that nobody can separate us from our Creator.  The High Priestess is there to remind us of unconditional love available to us at all times, through all the Ages, irrespective of religious outrages.  Leave your ego, and find inner serenity within your inner voice.

A miracle, or a mere coincidence? Trampled to Life.

My Dad and I, still enjoying
every moment of his comeback.

Trampled to life.  

A true rendition of faith healing. 

My mother replaced the receiver, and then collapsed into the chair, her hands shaking and all color had drained from her face.  'Mum, is Dad okay?'  I asked, knowing something dreadful had happened, but had no details as to the message that my mother, Julie, had received, other than it concerned my father, Aubrey, who had been helping his cousin in Cape Town with his trucking business. My mother attempted to explain, whilst fighting back her tears, 'Ah, Sancheo, it's Dad.  He's been, he's been in an accident, a truck, I don't know…', then she became overwhelmed with tears.  I went

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