Saturday, November 2, 2013

I The Magician

The Magician

Most importantly it is essential to delve into numerology, as One represents unity, the number of our Creator.
The magician is not some person with a funny hat, waving a wand around, shouting 'abracadabra'!  No, the magician is you, you as part of this universe, you as part of this creation, and you with the ability to utilize that, which God has created in order to recreate your own circumstances.  Your unison with your Creator.  

As the sun and the moon, the stars and the entire universe revolves and evolves, so too do you.  You are an essential creation; you have purpose and meaning in this universe, as nothing transpires by accident or coincidence. 

The magician card is a reminder that you ought to remember who you are, and thereby re-member yourself with this universe and your Creator.  The magician, understanding his part in creation, is aware of cyclic behavior and the manipulation thereof.  He lives in his now, allowing what no longer works to die off, and rejuvenate what does work for him, this is depicted in the lemniscates, the symbol of infinity, and the uroboros, snake eating his own tail that represents endless cycles.  As the magician is one with nature and his Creator, he understands the maxim of "one is all" and maintains that as his highest philosophy.

You are related to existence, created to be a creator, see now all the gifts that are at your disposal, and trust in your Creator in order to begin the new cycle, which you have so long awaited.  The gifts are yours for the taking; all we need do is master them as was intended for not only you, but for all those whose lives you are interlinked to as well.

Am I aware of all the gifts bestown upon me?
Am I using my gifts to the fullest of my ability?
Have I mastered what I have?
Am I using my gifts for the greater good, or ego?
Is there room for improvement?
Am I aware of my limitless resources?

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