Friday, November 8, 2013

The Divine Spiritual Distributor of Color

Having spent 31 October delving into the history and origins of All Saints Day, it was a great time of reflection and meditation, and the added bonus is that there was no need to face myself at the end of the night smeared in Halloween make up. Ah, the memories of sharing the full Halloween make up and costume experience with family and friends!Ce la vie, but the Hindu Festival of Dhanteras is inspiring me, and maybe this Festival of Light can inspire you too.

Hindu worship Lakshmi daily as she is the goddess of material and spiritual wealth and thereby provides beauty, prosperity, and welfare. God Himself said, 'I am a God with many names'. Thereby, the Creator within me acknowledges the Creator within the Hindu. I find this festival fabulous, and feel so motivated to create a rangoli design in my garden this weekend!

The word Dhanteras is a combination of Dhan, meaning wealth, and tera meaning thirteenth, and therefore is held between October and November, on the thirteenth day of the dark fortnight, a rather auspicious day celebrated two days before Diwali, the Festival of Lights. Diwali is most certainly one of the more popular of the Indian festivals, especially made so by the various intricate rangoli designs.
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Rangoli is derived from Rang, meaning colors, and Holi, meaning celebration. Science has proven that white light is the originator of all colors. Hindu pray to Light or Sun God, and these prayers are the most essential in day-to-day living. The awareness of this light is then a surrounding presence as seen in the various rangoli designs within and surrounding Hindu homes and surroundings. Rangoli is also worn on the body as a henna tattoo, and are often mistaken with the Arabic Mehndi Designs.

Light is always available throughout any instance or experience; it is the Divine Spiritual Distributor Of Color.


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