Saturday, November 2, 2013

XVIII The Moon

XVIII The Moon

The moon card represents the reflection on past lives pertaining to confusion, cyclic patterns, emergence, emotion, influencing dynamics intense self-reflection, and perplexity.
As the moon has no light of her own, she reflects the light off the sun.  The moon influences the tides and the seasons; thereby she also influences us as humans, being 80% water.  The bible speaks of the New Moon as a marking of the Sabbath in Ezekiel 46, 'and on the day of the New Moon it shall be opened' 
So too does XVIII The Moon, represent an opening for us to emerge from our sub conscious.  The Lobster or crab is leaving the waters.  The Lobster is representing our selves, as the water is representing our sub consciousness.  As the lobster emerges, he is faced with a dog and a wolf on either side of his pathway.  The dog is representing our tame, loyal nature, whereas the wolf represents our primal needs of escapism.  Further, along the path there are towers, representing the phallic nature of our needs, as well as the false dreams, which we build, as towers can easily come crashing to the ground.
The Moon however is a luminary constant, albeit waxing and waning, she remains constant and reflective.  So too does the Moon allow us to draw energy from her, as that is exactly what she is reflecting toward us, God given light, which will allow us enlightenment if we can stay focused on our path.
What is influencing me?
What is distracting me?
Am I spending enough time in meditation to reach my full state of enlightenment?
Does a phallic house of dreams distract me?

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